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Kickstart your professional growth by training for a new career as an IT Project Manager or Data Analyst with CompTIA boot camp training sessions, to qualify quickly.

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Train for a rewarding new career as a Data Analyst.

Data analysts often play a crucial role in innovation by providing insights that lead to the development of new products, services, or strategies within an organization.

Develop a broad set of skills as an IT Project Manager.

Dive into the world of IT project management and set yourself on the path to earning a high salary while enjoying limitless options for professional development by studying for Project+.

Apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

Unpaid work experience for one of our partner organizations can provide individuals with hands-on experience in a particular field, often as part of their vocational training.

Real-world challenges and problem-solving in a work setting.
A combination of on-the-job training and the classroom.
Work experience enhances a person's resume.
Develop and refine specific skills relevant to your field of work.
Gain insights into different industries, and roles.
Contribute significantly to one's skills and knowledge.

Broaden perspectives and open doors to opportunities.

Demonstrate your ability to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and adapt to the demands of a professional environment through work experience.

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Subject to debt financing approval. (Estimate)

Higher Salaries

Tech salaries are 55% higher on average in the UK.

Virtual Internships & Remote Job Simulations


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